Manifest Destiny, USA

Our journey from New York to California – and every where in between.


There really isn’t any way to describe the feeling of drive across the United States, from coast to coast. You don’t realize how vast and different this country is until you can see each piece of it back to back.

Our drive spanned for a little over a week, rushing through the first few states, our first stop was Nashville – only for a moment. There wasn’t time to stay still, just time for some fried chicken. From there we high tailed it through Arkansas and Oklahoma, making a pit stop at POPS and the Route 66 museum. Hoping on Route 66 gave us a sense of calm, we had arrived on the road that would take us to our new home.
Aydan Puth Photography

Next up was Amarillo, home of the Cadillac Ranch, the Route 66 diner, and a lot of open Texas land.


A little peace was brought to us as we arrived in Santa Fe for a few days. The city is filled with the most picturesque adobe buildings and friendly people.

DSC_0157ImageImage (1)

When you’re on the road you can’t be still for too long. From Santa Fe we were Grand Canyon Bound.


The Grand Canyon possesses too much beauty to put into words.

DSC_0253 1DSC_0304

We could feel the end was near as we made our way through the rest of Arizona.WoodImage (2)

The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs provided a much needed hut tub and a little time for reflection as we entered our new home state.

Image (3)Image (4)

I would move again just to get to do the drive once more.


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