London Town

Aydan Puth Photography

This summer was my first time back in London in a long time. Having lived there from 14-16 years old, going back feels like visiting a past life. It was so long ago and such a special time in my family’s life.
London is one of the most beautiful cities and you are reminded of this as you stroll through it’s ancient streets. We visited a few of the typical spots but also some of the spots that reminded me most of my time there.

Aydan Puth PhotographyI love the Firmdale Hotels and how each hotel is different and decorated by local artists and craftsmen. We stayed at The Knightsbrige Hotel, at the beginning and end of our trip to Greece, which allowed us to experience 2 lovely, and totally different rooms. The hotel is also right in the heart of the city but it gave the feeling that you were in your own perfect London townhouse.

Aydan Puth PhotographyAydan Puth PhotographyWe walked from Knightsbridge to Kensington and popped into Muriel’s, an adorable farm to table restaurant, for a delicious breakfast.

Aydan Puth Photographydsc_0569The place we called home for a few years.

Aydan Puth PhotographyAydan Puth Photographydsc_0757Aydan Puth Photographydsc_0786Aydan Puth Photographydsc_0745Aydan Puth Photographydsc_0769Aydan Puth PhotographyAydan Puth PhotographyAydan Puth Photographydsc_0825img_1750
Aydan Puth Photographyimg_2513Aydan Puth Photography


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